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Real Estate Math Prep Guide

Math Prep Guide Real estate agents are frequently faced with math calculations to determine commission, interest rates, and monthly mortgage payments, profit, and more. While some people are wary of math, it does not have to be challenging. In this session, you will look at basic concepts and formulas necessary to respond to the most typical calculations. You’ll learn how to: Measure square footage and acreage.Calculate commission.Calculate the net to seller.Calculate annual interest.Calculate percentage of profit and loss. Measurements There will be times when it’s necessary to calculate the area of property. For instance, when figuring market values of properties ...

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Test-Taking Techniques

Preparation is the surest road to success. When you know what to expect, you can be confident about the task at hand. Even if you’re comfortable with the material on which you’re being tested, you may encounter unforeseen challenges if you’re unprepared for the actual testing process. Make sure you’re familiar with the procedures for enrolling and scheduling your examination. What follows is some advice for studying as well as some techniques for successful test-taking. Test-Taking Strategies Part 1 Since it’s probably been a while since you’ve taken a test, let’s review some basic test-taking techniques. Mastering the following techniques ...

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