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Regression Real Estate

In real estate, the principle of regression is simple. It is the phenomenon of valuable properties having their value diminished by the surrounding lower-value properties. If you’re familiar with the advice to “buy the cheapest house on the block,” you’re

What’s the Difference: Real vs Personal Property?

When you think about all the different words and terms that are used in real estate you might feel like you are learning a new language. With a career in real estate you will be tasked with speaking to potential

A World of New Words

Whether you have been in the real estate business for a while, or you are contemplating the processes of becoming a real estate agent, you will find that there are a lot of words you will need to know. There

Principles in Real Estate

With your real estate exam looming in the distance, you have a lot at stake. You either want to enter the field or enhance your current career in real estate, so you need to pass the exam with ease. Here

What is a Freehold Estate?

A freehold estate is an estate in land that has an indefinite duration or in other words, there is no definitive termination date for ownership. You can think of it as, “I own the property” since the estate lasts at

The Importance of Practice Exams

You have spent time studying for your real estate license exam, yet how can you test your knowledge? How can you determine if you have studied each concept enough to allow your mind to integrate the information? Here at Real

Getting a Real Estate License

If a career in real estate has ever sounded appealing, you may have wondered how to get started. It is the one career that people enter at a variety from various previous occupations and times in life. Maybe you are

6 Tips for Studying for Your Licensing Exam

A career in real estate is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs you can have. While it takes a lot of work and self-discipline to be successful, the payback is substantial. Not only will you make solid friendships

5 Best Reasons to Become a Realtor

More and more people are choosing careers in real estate every year. As the real estate market grows each year, the employment opportunities within the real estate field are on the rise as well. The U.S. Bureau of Labor estimates

How to Memorize and Make it Stick

Whether you are preparing to take your real estate exam or your real estate broker’s exam, one thing will be common. You are going to have to sacrifice your time with a lot of study.  While studying to become a

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