A real estate license opens the door to all sorts of unique opportunities. As a real estate professional, this can be both inspiring and overwhelming. You are lucky to have so many options, but it can be tough to decide which direction to go!

Today, we’ll help you decide. We’re looking at 11 potential real estate career opportunities, all with something unique to offer.

Top Career Opportunities for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agent

Let’s start with the obvious. A real estate sales agent works with clients to help them buy or sell properties. Real estate agents are divided into two broad categories of residential real estate agent and commercial real estate agent. But we’re guessing you didn’t come to this article to learn about real estate agents – it is one of the most popular careers in real estate.

Real Estate Broker

Often, real estate professionals have their sights set on becoming a broker. Becoming a real estate broker requires additional education and is a logical next step after working as a real estate agent.

If you’re working in real estate, you likely know what a broker is. But in case you’re new to the profession, a real estate broker is someone who represents buyers or sellers of real estate. Typically, they will manage a team of agents who sell property. Generally speaking, the broker will often be the manager in a real estate office, directing their team.

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As the name implies, appraisers are people who have the skills and expertise necessary to appraise property. In other words, they evaluate a property, and give their recommendation as to what it’s worth. Typically, appraisers will have a type of property that they specialize in (residential, commercial, etc.).

Appraisal services are valuable to a wide range of clients, meaning that an appraisal business can be structured in many different ways. You can represent people intending to sell their property, those who intend to buy a property, and even the government (to assess a building for tax purposes).

Real Estate Investor

Real estate investors operate using the classic mantra that guides all investing – buy low, sell high. Real estate investors will invest in a property, hoping that it will rise in value based on several factors (building improvements, property improvements, the real estate market, neighborhood improvements, etc.). Some investors also take a more active role, doing work on the property themselves – usually known as “property flippers”. Whatever the case, the end goal of any real estate investor is the same. Buy property, and secure the best return on investment possible.

Real Estate Developer

Real Estate Developer

A real estate developer is someone (or some company) who buys land and develops the land into residential or commercial properties. Real estate development is a large area of real estate, and it can involve constructing everything from houses to apartment buildings to office buildings and more.

Real estate developers are often complex organizations who employ many people to assist at all stages of the process, meaning that there are opportunities for real estate professionals, and it’s an interesting avenue for these professionals to consider.

Property Manager

Property managers are those who manage the day-to-day operations of a real estate property. The job title usually refers to those who manage rental properties. As a property manager, you’ll ensure the physical building operates smoothly and work to address issues with the tenants. Property management is one of the fastest growing real estate jobs and could be an interesting opportunity for a real estate professional.

Leasing Consultant

Leasing consultants are in charge of making sure that the various units in a rental property are leased. Their job involves showing units, promoting properties, and getting the word out to renters. The job is a great mix of sales, marketing, and people skills. If you enjoy working with people and enjoy selling, then a leasing consultant position may be the choice for you.

Real Estate Consultant

As with any career, if you do it long enough and gain the necessary expertise, consulting opportunities will inevitably arise. A real estate consultant is someone with sufficient expertise in a certain area of real estate and works with clients willing to pay for their advice. Real estate consultants exist in different areas of real estate and work with a diverse array of clients.

For example, a development company might hire a real estate consultant familiar with a local area to receive advice as to whether (and how) they should develop an appraiser’s property. The real estate consultant will have in-depth expertise in the local area and advise the company about potential opportunities and threats.

Home Inspector


An inspector is responsible for – you guessed it – inspecting real estate properties. The inspector works on behalf of a seller, buyer, or real estate agent. The inspector is responsible for searching a property for any defects or issues which may develop into larger problems down the line. This job is important because all interested parties will want to know about these issues as far as the contract (or sale price) is concerned.

A home inspector requires quite a wealth of knowledge – including foundational knowledge, plumbing, electricity, and more. As a result, it can turn into quite a lucrative career as you become experienced in these areas.

Real Estate Marketing Professional

Every single successful business utilizes some form of marketing. And if a real estate business gets big enough, they might form an entire marketing department. There are jobs to be had in these marketing departments. These companies will be looking for people who have had experience marketing their real estate businesses or those with a marketing background in general.

This opportunity is useful for real estate professionals to transition their career into a full-time marketing position – if that’s what they’re interested in, of course (and that goes for every job on our list!).

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