If you have decided that you want to become a real estate agent, you must complete the requirements set by your state for education and licensing exams. Every state has different requirements for real estate agents, so it is important that you research what is required in your state before moving forward in the licensing process. The Real Estate Prep Guide has a study guide and practice exams for every state’s real estate agent licensing exam and guarantees results. If you do not pass your licensing exam after studying with the Real Estate Prep Guide materials, we will refund your money in full.

Real Estate Agent State-Specific Requirements

Every state requires a certain level of education and training before a person can take the real estate agent licensing exam. Some states, such as California, require college-level courses, while other states only mandate a specific number of hours of education before qualifying for the exam. Every state has a real estate regulatory office that details the education and licensing requirements for that state, and the information can also be found on the website for the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials.

In order to become a real estate agent, you must first make sure you meet the requirements for your state for each of the following:

  • Age
  • Application process
  • Fees
  • Background check
  • Fingerprinting
  • Continuing education
  • General education requirements – such as a high school diploma
  • Examination eligibility
  • Examinations
  • Pre-licensing education courses
  • Reporting of criminal history

Real Estate Agent Pre-Licensing Education Requirements

In order to be licensed as a real estate agent, you must complete a certain number of course hours in pre-licensing classes. Depending on the state requirements, this can be accomplished in a number of ways. The first way is through online classes with state-approved entities. The second way to fulfill your education requirements is at an actual real estate school where classes are taught in person. The last way is through community college courses that are approved by the state regulatory body. The community college should know whether their courses qualify for pre-licensing credit.

Real Estate Agent License Examination

The real estate agent licensing exam is typically broken into two parts and is usually conducted on a computer. The first part of the licensing exam covers national real estate principles and practices. The second part of the exam covers state-specific knowledge of the state’s real estate law. The licensing exam is typically multiple choice, with the number of questions and time limits for the test set by each state. Each state determines what is considered a passing grade for the licensing exam, with each part having their own passing score. A person taking the exam must pass both parts in order to be licensed in their state.

If a person fails one section but not the other, most states only require that the person retake the section that was failed. Every state has its own rules on how many times a person can take the licensing exam, how long they must wait in between tries, and the deadlines for retakes of the test.

Once a person has completed their pre-license education requirements they will receive instructions about when and how to take the licensing examination. Prep materials such as those provided by the Real Estate Prep Guide are critical in preparing for the real estate agent exam, which provides study guides and practice exams to help prepare for the test.

Real Estate Agent Licensing Reciprocity

If you already have a real estate agent license in another state, you may be able to bypass the education and licensing requirements through a reciprocity agreement. A reciprocity agreement means that if you received your license in another state and practiced for a certain number of years, another state will allow you to be a real estate agent without taking the licensing examination in that state. To see whether you qualify for a real estate license under a reciprocity agreement, you can check with either the state where you currently have a real estate license or with the state where you wish to get a real estate license to check whether the states have a reciprocity agreement with each other.

Passing the Real Estate Licensing Exam

Once the licensing exam is passed, the state will mail the real estate licensing certificate and list the person under the Licensees section of the real estate regulatory website. It is important to note that a person cannot begin their real estate business until the license is in hand and issued by the state authority.

The Real Estate Prep Guide Can Help

Getting licensed as a real estate agent is a long process but worth the time and effort to accomplish. At the Real Estate Prep Guide, we have helped thousands of people across the country prepare for their licensing exams through dedicated study guides and practice examinations for every state. Let us help you prepare for your licensing test and get certified as a real estate agent today. Contact us to learn more about your free trial.

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