Best Way to Study for the Real Estate Exam

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The Best Way to Study for the Real Estate Exam

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  • If you have decided that you want to become a real estate agent, you must complete the requirements set by your state for education and licensing exams. Every state has ...

  • For many people, becoming a real estate agent is a dream job. But it can be difficult to know where to start or how to become a real estate agent ...

  • Typically illegal for real estate brokers, a real estate blind ad is an advertisement that does not identify the person or professional status of the ad-placer but instead only includes ...

  • With a net listing agreement, a real estate agent gets to keep the difference between the actual sales price and the seller’s desired price Real estate agents can help people ...

  • Are you considering getting your real estate license? If so, you may be wondering what kinds of jobs in real estate will be available to you in the future. Real ...

  • To obtain a real estate license, you must meet all of the requirements set forth by your state. This includes taking and passing the appropriate real estate exam. These tests ...

  • You’ve probably heard homeowners and prospective home owners talk about the advantage of buying the cheapest house on a given block. This is typically solid advice because when a home ...

  • In real estate, the principle of regression is simple. It is the phenomenon of valuable properties having their value diminished by the surrounding lower-value properties. If you’re familiar with the ...

  • When you think about all the different words and terms that are used in real estate you might feel like you are learning a new language. With a career in ...

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Want to become a real estate agent? First you’ll need to complete required online education hours in your state. We make studying for your real estate license easy and fun – no matter how busy you are.

Real Estate Prep Guide has partnered with Mbition to provide clear, concise and interactive pre-licensing courses that are designed to prepare you for your real estate test, including all mandatory classes.

Real Estate Practice Exams

The key to passing the exam is in the preparation. Our real estate exam prep will help you fully understand what to expect on the real estate exam. The practice exams will give you all the preparation and practice you need to have the best shot possible at passing the actual exam on the first try.

Passing the exam is an important part of becoming a real estate agent. With our help, you will be prepared in as little as a few hours.

Real Estate Practice Exams

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We’ve helped thousands of successful real estate agents to launch their careers.


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