You have now finished your realtor training and it’s time for the big test. This test determines whether or not you will become a real estate agent and start in one of the most rewarding careers out there. All that stands between you and your dream is this test and it is imperative that you are successful. It takes a tremendous amount of work and study to pass this test so good study habits are essential from the start. As the day approaches for your test however, you may feel a great amount of anxiety. Understand that this is normal. Utilize those feelings and prepare extensively by taking as many practice exams as you can from Real Estate Prep Guide. Sitting in front of your test, realizing you are underprepared is a sickening feeling. Don’t let this happen to you and prepare adequately beforehand. As you take the test, here are some test taking tips to help you get through it the best way possible.

1. Prepare the night before

It is important that you get a good night’s sleep the night before. Do not stay up late cramming, it will not do any good if you are overtired when you take your test. In the morning, have a good breakfast. You will do better on your test if your stomach is not growling.

2. Power study

Before you sit down to take the test, do a quick 10-20 minute power study before you go in so the information is fresh in your mind. Go over key points and information so your mind is activated and in test taking mode.

3. Scan the test

As you start, quickly scan through the test to get a feel for the length of the test, how many multiple choice questions and essay questions there are. This helps you manage your time and gauge the length of time you can spend per question.

4. Skip the hard questions

As you take the test, answer the easy questions first. If the question is hard and complicated, skip it and come back to it. Get the easy questions out of the way so you don’t waste time on the difficult ones.

5. Process of elimination

For the hard questions, use the process of elimination. Figure out which answers are NOT correct and focus on the ones it could be. If the answer is something you have never heard of, it is probably not the correct answers.

7. Do not change your answer

It has been shown that people’s initial, gut instinct is most often correct. Do not second guess yourself. Trust your initial impression. Statistically, when people change their answers, they typically change a correct answer to an incorrect one. Feel confident in your choices.

8. Ignore other students

Stay focused on your test and do not pay attention to what other applicants are doing or how fast they are going. This will only instill anxiety and make derail you from your goal.

9. Keep it neat

Do not be sloppy. In a hurry, 4’s can look like 9’s and you will get answers wrong. Take your time and write neatly. Fill in the bubbles carefully and be precise.

10. Check and double check

When you finish, go back through carefully and make sure you did not miss any questions. If you have extra time, reread questions and review your answers. Make sure you have not made any careless mistakes and spend any remaining minutes on those hard questions you initially skipped.

With adequate preparation, both in study and mentally, you can successfully pass the Real Estate Exam with these test taking tips. Don’t psyche yourself out. You have worked hard for this. For the best practice exams, Real Estate Prep is here to help you. Keep a positive attitude and you can achieve your dream in the real estate industry.

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