When the president or governor formallyrejects a bill that Congress or the legislature haspassed. The bill will not become law unless thelegislature votes to override the veto.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
veto (noun)
an authoritative prohibition - interdiction
a) a power of one department or branch of a government to forbid or prohibit finally or provisionally the carrying out of projects attempted by another department , especially a power vested in a chief executive to prevent permanently or temporarily the enactment of measures passed by a legislature
b) (1) the exercise of such authority
(2) a message communicating the reasons of an executive and especially the president of the United States for a proposed law - vetoing
veto (verb)
transitive verb
to refuse to admit or approve - prohibit , also to refuse assent to (a legislative bill) so as to prevent enactment or cause reconsideration
Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus
veto (noun)
an order that something not be done or used
ban, embargo, interdict, interdiction, proscription, veto
no-no, taboo ( tabu); constraint, inhibition, limitation, restraint, restriction; deterrent, discouragement; repression, suppression; prevention; denial, disallowance, negation, refusal, rejection; objection, protest; caveat, warning; no-no; commandment, decree, dictate, edict, injunction, mandate
sufferance, tolerance, toleration; allowance, allowing, authorization, clearance, consent, granting, leave, letting, license ( licence), licensing ( licencing), permission, permitting, sanction, sanctioning; approbation, approval, blessing, endorsement ( indorsement), imprimatur, OK ( okay); enabling, encouragement, facilitation, promotion, support; compliance, obedience, submission; accession, acquiescence, agreement, assent
veto (verb)
to reject by or as if by a vote
blackball, down, kill, nix, shoot down, veto
decline, disallow, disapprove, dismiss, refuse; blacklist
admit, allow, approve, assent (to), pass, sanction; elect, support
confirm, ratify
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