Suspends the right of property ownersto obtain development approval while locallegislatures consider, draft, and adopt landuse regulations or rules to respond to new orchanging circumstances not adequately dealtwith by current laws.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
moratorium (noun)
a) a legally authorized period of delay in the of a legal obligation or the payment of a debt - performance
b) a waiting period set by an authority
a of activity - suspension
Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus
moratorium (noun)
a state of temporary inactivity
cold storage, deep freeze, doldrums, dormancy, holding pattern, latency, moratorium, quiescence, suspended animation, suspense, suspension
inaction, inertia, inertness, motionlessness; impasse, standstill; coma, hibernation, hypnosis, repose, rest, sleep, slumber, torpor; recess, recession, remission; downtime, idleness, layoff
recommencement, renewal, resumption, resuscitation
continuance, continuation
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