In a lawsuit, the formal, out-of-court
testimony of a witness or a party taken before
the trial; used as part of the discovery process
to determine facts of a case, or if the witness
is not able to attend the trial. A transcript of a
deposition can be introduced as evidence in the

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
deposition (noun)
an act of removing from a position of authority
a) a testifying especially before a court
b) - declaration , specifically testimony taken down in writing under oath
c) out-of-court testimony made under oath and recorded by an authorized officer for later use in court , also a meeting at which such testimony is taken
an act or process of - depositing
something - deposited deposit
Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus
deposition (noun)
matter that settles to the bottom of a body of liquid
deposition, dregs, grounds, precipitate, sediment, settlings
lees; ooze, silt, sludge; dross, slag, waste
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