Choosing a career in real estate is serious business. In order to be successful in this path, there are things you must know and do if you would like a lucrative career in this industry. If becoming a realtor is appealing to you, exploring every aspect of what it takes is essential. As with every career, there are pros and cons. You will learn to appreciate the low moments as a realtor because they make the highs that much more spectacular. Before choosing real estate as your occupation, examining every angle, be it positive or negative, is essential so you are not blind sighted with surprise. Readiness, preparation and education will help you make it in the real estate industry. Here are some advantages of a career in real estate that surprisingly can have their disadvantages too.

Real estate training is fast

Pros: Unlike other high paying professions, the training and education to become a real estate agent takes very little time in comparison to other careers that take years. Some successful real estate agents make a comparable salary to that of a doctor with a tiny fraction of the time spent in schooling. Education to become a licensed realtor takes only a few weeks to a few months (depending on the state).

Cons: Though the training is quick, it still takes time, money and a good amount of studying. In addition, after your training, there is no guarantee you will make it as you still need to pass the real estate exam. The exam is difficult and requires many hours of practice tests and studying, however, with hard work and determination, you can do it.

Careers in real estate offer a flexible schedule

Pros: One of the biggest perks of being a real estate agent is that you aren’t tied down to a mundane 9 to 5 schedule. You set your schedule, your hours and your appointments. Create the work life that works for you.

Cons: Successful realtors need to be flexible to meet the needs of the clients and often this involves getting creative with your work hours. If a client can only view property on weekends, clearing your weekend plans is a must.

Real estate agents make a good salary

Pros: The growth potential within real estate is massive. Dedicating the time and effort to grow your clientele takes discipline, but as your business grows, you can add an assistant and even build your own brokerage. If you want a successful career, you invest a lot of time.

Cons: Because a career in real estate is essentially your own business, your starting salary might be minimal. It takes a lot of build a business from the ground up and you may not make very much money to begin with but what you put in is what you get out. Soon enough, your work will pay off.

You are your own boss as a real estate agent

Pros: Working under the heavy hand of a boss or management can feel stifling. As a realtor, you call the shots and you make the decisions. There is tremendous freedom as a real estate agent. With hard work and dedication, the success of your business is limitless.

Cons: If you are not organized or ambitious, you will have a hard time keeping your business afloat. It takes good office management skills, daily planning, networking and marketing of your business to build a thriving, profitable career.

Careers in real estate are very rewarding

If the pros of real estate get you excited and the cons are something you can easily navigate, then this profession may be the perfect choice for you. As you go through your education, take meticulous notes and before you take your real estate exam, practice tests through Real Estate Prep Guide will help you successfully pass the exam and get you on your way to an exciting career in real estate.

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