What Kind of Math is Needed to Acquire a Real Estate License?

There is perhaps no subject that causes more stress and panic than does math. Several educational surveys have found that math is the least favorite subject of more than 40 percent of American students. For people preparing for the real estate exam, it is often the math that causes the greatest level of concern. 

If you are worried that math might stop you from getting a real estate license, you are certainly not alone. There is good news—can you pass the real estate exam, no matter how comfortable you are with math. 

At Real Estate Prep Guide, we have helped thousands of people get their real estate license. Here, we provide an overview of the kinds of math that you need to know and we explain how you can pass your state’s real estate test on your first try—regardless of your background and experience with math. 

A Basic Foundation in Math is Useful

As a starting point, it is important to note that a basic foundation in math can be useful. There is no way around that, real estate, as a career, involves some math. Being comfortable with numbers, especially with finance, will make your professional life easier. In regards to taking the real estate exam, the following types of math will be useful:  

  • Computation;
  • Statistics; 
  • Finance; 
  • Algebra; and
  • Geometry.  

Do Not Panic About the Math—It is a Small Section (And You Can Use a Calculator) 

If you are stressed about dealing with the math on the real estate licensure exam, you should know that there is no reason to panic. While getting comfortable with plugging in some numbers and understanding certain formulas will be helpful, real estate professionals are not expected to be mathematicians. Please know the real estate exam is not a math test.  

In most states, you will be asked to bring a calculator—or alternatively, you will be provided with a calculator—to do certain equations. You are not going to be required to do complex computations in your head or by hand. That is not how it works when you are on the job as a real estate salesperson or as a real estate broker and it is not how it works on the real estate exam. 

Additionally, the math sections of real estate exams make up a relatively small portion of the overall test. In fact, you could do poorly on all math questions and still pass the real estate exam. Math, by itself, will not keep you from obtaining a real estate license. 

To be clear, this does not mean that you should stop preparing for the math section. Ideally, you will breeze through the math with flying. Doing well on those sections will make it easier to pass. Further, with the right study materials, you can sharpen your real estate-related math skills in just a few hours. 

With Proper Preparation, You Will Be Ready to Handle the Math 

Real estate licensure exams are not easy tests. The vast majority of applicants need to study in order to pass. A shocking number of people fail on their first try. For example, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) reports that nearly 50 percent of real estate exam test-takers fail. The California Department of Real Estate also reports a similar number. These numbers are pretty consistent all across the United States—about half of applicants fail. 

There is no doubt that the math portions of these tests give a lot of people problems. That being said, you should not be intimidated. More than 95 percent of the students who use our test prep materials are able to pass. You do not need a math background to get a real estate license. Even if you have not taken a math class in many years and you never liked the subject, you can still effectively prepare for, and pass, the real estate test. With proper preparation, all of the math questions on these tests can be overcome. 

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