You have spent many hours in the classroom, whether in person or online, you completed your real estate education and have passed all your in-class tests. Congratulations! The last thing that stands between you and that rewarding career as a real estate agent is the real estate exam. Because it is the last step, it is common for people to feel a bundle of nerves and anxiety before the test is taken. Adequate preparation beforehand is the best advice. The national average pass rate for this test is 65% and you can be in that percentage with careful study and preparation. It is important to apply yourself in this area so you do not have to spend additional time and money taking the test again. Here are a few real estate exam tips to help you prepare and pass this important test:

1. Look up pertinent test info by state

The real estate exam does differ by state so it is important to look at the prep guide for your particular state. See what your state’s limitations and guides are. Focusing your attention on this information will ensure that you don’t miss any valuable study material. Study your state’s license law too.

2. Use study guides and flashcards

Many schools and classes offer study guides, workbooks and DVDs to assist in your real estate exam. Change it up to keep your mind active. It is easy to become distracted with the same type of study pattern.

3. Take practice tests

The internet is full of practice tests for this exam. Take as many quizzes as you can. By doing this, you can see where your weaknesses lie and concentrate there. Find different variations online and take quizzes based on your state’s guidelines. Make sure you pass your practice tests with at least 85%-90% scores to ensure your success.

4. Find a study buddy

Find someone else who is also preparing for the test and study together. Compare notes and resource material. It is possible your study partner has materials that could greatly benefit you. It is said that one of the best ways to remember something is to teach it, so teaching each other the study related material is an added benefit of finding a study partner.

5. Talk to a real estate friend

A friend who is already working in real estate is a great aid. Ask them all the questions you have and see if they can offer any additional tips and tricks to studying or preparation.

6. Know the vocabulary

There are many words and phrases used within the real estate word. Creating your own real estate dictionary has a two-fold purpose. First of all, by writing down information, it gives a great opportunity for that information to stick inside your mind. Second, you can review these over and over in a way you understand. Taking these words and phrases and creating flashcards is another great tip.

7. Listen

There are many podcasts and videos on YouTube that can teach your further information. Listen while you drive, shower, eat or any other moment you can multi-task and let the material sink in. Your success depends entirely upon keeping the material fresh inside your mind.

8. Practice makes perfect

Focus on key concepts and know the math. There is math involved in the exam and understanding these formulas well will help you pass these questions. The idea of fiduciary is a vital part of the exam, do not skip over this.

9. Motivate yourself

It is easy to get distracted and let study time slide by the wayside. Motivate yourself by hanging a photo of your goal where you can see it. Spend a little time each day preparing for the test and reward yourself with something small when you have finished a good study session.

10. Get plenty of sleep and relax

Before the test, get a full night’s sleep. Do not stay up late cramming as this will be a deterrent to your ability to concentrate during the test. Be rested, eat a good meal and most of all, practice good techniques to relax yourself before the test. Take a deep breath and calm your mind. All your many hours of study will readily come to your need if you are prepared and at ease.

Real Estate Prep Guide wants you to be successful on your exam and we hope these real estate exam tips assist in accomplishing that for you. Once you pass this exam, it’s on to the next exciting chapter of your life in one of the most rewarding careers out there. Good luck!

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